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Who Doesn’t Love a Good Story?!

St. George Village residents have a diversity and wealth of knowledge and talents, which they often share with their neighbors. For example, Jo Sanders and Mary Apps are professional storytellers who love to share their entertaining ability with others.

Using their voices and gestures to make characters and plot lines come alive, Mary and Jo have entertained audiences of all ages at a variety of schools, facilities and special events around Roswell and metro Atlanta. Residents of St. George Village have the good fortune to experience Mary’s and Jo’s storytelling ability throughout the year.

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Healthy Eating: Spinach

Many of us equate the word “spinach” with the caricature of Popeye, eating a can of spinach and immediately having the strength of 10 men. Even though Popeye is a cartoon, the message about spinach is true: spinach provides more nutrients than any other food. It can help protect us from osteoporosis, heart disease, colon cancer and arthritis, just to name a few.

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The Right Place…at the Right Time

“It’s like living in a neighborhood,” says Marian Jones when asked how she feels about St. George Village (SGV). “You know 100 percent of the people here, and everyone is on a first-name basis.”

As SGV’s first residents, Marian and Forrest Jones literally do know everyone in the community. They were first on the waiting list to move into SGV when it opened in November 2005, and have been making friends ever since.

“We had to leave our old neighborhood behind, but when we moved into St. George Village, we soon made 150 new friends!” Marian says.

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Retirement Communities Help Preserve Independence

When a person experiences the problems that often come with advanced age, such as decreased vision or limited mobility, the most critical question becomes “How can I continue to live safely, yet maintain my independence?” Many people believe that choosing to move to a retirement community signals the demise of their independence. But here at St. George Village, our residents are proving just the opposite is true!

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