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  • Who Doesn’t Love a Good Story?!

    St. George Village residents have a diversity and wealth of knowledge and talents, which they often share with their neighbors. For example, Jo Sanders and Mary Apps are professional storytellers who love to share their entertaining ability with others.

    Using their voices and gestures to make characters and plot lines come alive, Mary and Jo have entertained audiences of all ages at a variety of schools, facilities and special events around Roswell and metro Atlanta. Residents of St. George Village have the good fortune to experience Mary’s and Jo’s storytelling ability throughout the year.

    Recently, the pair regaled their neighbors with tales of adventures in Ireland and Santa Fé, and they are always a hit when they spread some special storytelling cheer at holiday time.

    The art of storytelling is alive and well, and is just one of the many fun activities and opportunities that residents of St. George Village experience on a regular basis.

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